What is the New York Rock Exchange?

We thought it would be cool if there was a stock market for songs. There wasn't. So we built one. 

Is this an investment scheme?

Absolutely not. You can potentially make money buying and selling songshares the same way you can make money buying and selling limited edition art, baseball cards, or vintage vinyl. However the shares themselves are NOT securities and do NOT include a financial interest in the music. What we do is intended to be fun rather than financial.

What does it mean to become "part owner" of a song?

When you buy and register most New York Rock Exchange songshares, we assign a small portion of the song's copyright to you.  This assignment doesn't give you any sort of financial stake or control over the song (check out the terms and conditions for details), but it DOES make you a limited CO-OWNER of the song along with the band.  When you hear that song on the radio you can tell people "I own a piece of that!" Because you do!

Note that not all songshares include a copyright assignment. Check the details for each songshare to see what is included.

How does the "Stock Market" work?

Unlike CDs, Vinyl, and other ways that people collect music, songshares are released in extremely limited quantities. We are only authorized to produce a limited number, and when those sell out we can NEVER release any more.  Since supply is fixed, the value of each share goes up and down based on demand.

The New York Rock Exchange provides a secondary marketplace where users buy and sell songshares just like you would shares of stock. We also maintain a public listing of current values based on recent transactions. For more information, please read our Guide to the Secondary Market.

Remember that while the secondary market is loosely modeled after a stock exchange, it's intended to be fun rather than financial. It's not a place to invest your retirement savings, it's a place to BUY LOW, SELL HIGH, and ROCK ON!

As a co-owner, do I get royalties?

No. These shares are designed for fans--not financial analysts.  Your ownership is limited, and does not give you any right to monetize or control the music. Instead, you'll get special "insider exclusives" like unreleased tracks, exclusive merch, and online meet and greets.  The exclusives are different for each songshare--check the details for each songshare to see what is included..

Why don't I get any royalties?

A bunch of reasons.  Most of them legal, but a lot are related to the fact that the music business is an extraordinarily complex, bloody, bare knuckle industry that has spent the last 20 years collapsing on itself.  At the moment, it's the last place a casual investor should be putting their money.

That said, the emotional value of owning a song is pretty much priceless.  And that's what the New York Rock Exchange is all about.   

Does the artist benefit from this?

Absolutely! In fact, buying a songshare is one of the single best ways you can support the artists who create the music you love. 

In addition to providing financial support, songshares also give artists a new way to engage with their audience.  By allowing them to share the ownership of their music, and "give back" with shareholder exclusives, the New York Rock Exchange allows artists to connect with fans on a whole new level. 

How do I give a Songshare as a gift?

You can purchase and gift a songshare just like you would anything else. Once the recipient opens their share, they'll be able to register it in their name, and claim all the shareholder rewards.

What is the Certificate like?

The certificates are nice.  Really nice.  The size is 12" x 12", and they come shipped in an album cover just like vinyl did back in the day. They are painstakingly crafted using two different foils and 6 different press operations.  They look absolutely stunning hanging on your wall.

Certificates for Gold shares have a gold foil border, and are hand signed by the artist. These shares are very limited (usually the first 100 shares in a release), and highly sought after on the secondary market.  

I'm an artist. How can I issue a Songshare?

Please send an email to artists@newyorkrockexchange.com, and we'll tell you how it all works.

Any other questions?

Just send email to support@newyorkrockexchange.com. We read every mail, and love hearing your feedback!