Indie Artists join NYRE to make fans Co-Owners of their Music. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The New York Rock Exchange (NYRE) is redefining what it means to invest in a music collection.  

For the first time in history, fans can become co-owners of their favorite songs by purchasing a collectible songshare from the New York Rock Exchange.  Today NYRE released their first Independent Music Collection, featuring songshares from 12 hand picked independent artists. The collection is available at

"This is the first time in history that fans can own not just a copy of a song, but an actual piece of the music itself," New York Rock Exchange Founder and Chairman Jeff Annison stated. “It's an unprecedented way for artists to share their music, and let their fans be a part of what they do”. 

Shareholders own a little piece of history -- not to mention the ultimate in bragging rights -- by becoming co-owners of the song's publishing copyright. While they won't receive any business rights or financial stake in the music, they will get "insider exclusives" including invitations to online shareholder meetings with the band, an Independent Music Collection compilation CD, and a foil embossed certificate of ownership.

“Every artist is looking for new ways to engage with their fans while earning revenue along the way," Brian Zisk, Executive Producer of SF MusicTech Summit and co-founder of the Future of Music Coalition, observed. "It's great that New York Rock Exchange can help them on this path.”

 "We couldn't have released this song without the support of our fans,” Mike Shirley Donnelly, singer and principal songwriter of Curious Quail, said.  “Being able to offer them a little bit of ownership in it is magical. We're thrilled to be working with the New York Rock Exchange."

Artists who have Songshares available for purchase in the Independent Music Collection include:

Galvanized Souls (Los Angeles, CA)
Abandon Kansas (Nashville TN)
All About A Bubble (Tulsa OK)
Bumpin’ Uglies (Annapolis, MD)
Curious Quail (San Jose, CA)
Eliquate (Santa Cruz, CA)
Fatally Yours (Baltimore, MD)
Revolution I Love You (Philidelphia, PA)
Skip the Needle (San Francisco, CA)
So Many Wizards (Los Angeles, CA)
The Honorable South (New Orleans, LA)
The Ricecookers (New York, NY)

About the New York Rock Exchange

The New York Rock Exchange gives fans an exciting new way to own songs, connect with their favorite artists, and be a part of the music they love.

The New York Rock Exchange has previously released Songshares for a wide array of artists, from British Invasion band The Zombies, to R&B Legends Tony! Toni! Toné! and country music star Rodney Atkins. To date, Songshares have been sold to fans in all 50 U.S. states, as well as nearly 20 other countries, worldwide.

NYRE is a San Francisco-based platform founded in 2012 by Jeff Annison. Previously, Annison was a co-founder of MobiTV, a company that won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering and Development for being the first company to launch live television on mobile phones. 


For more information on New York Rock Exchange, please contact:

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