We thought it would be cool if there was a stock market for music. So we built one.
— New York Rock Exchange

New York Rock Exchange songshares are unique in that they are specifically designed to be bought and sold on a secondary market. That's because unlike CD's, vinyl, and other ways people collect music, songshares are produced in extremely limited quantities. This makes their value subject to the laws of supply and demand - i.e. if demand for a share is high the price goes up.  If the reverse is true the price goes down.


The NYRE marketplace has a price list of every songshare ever issued.  Current prices are based on recent sales data as well as inventory and demand levels.  These prices reflect our best estimate of the current value for each share. 

As a service to shareholders, the New York Rock Exchange buys and sells shares to provide market liquidity. You can think of us like a vintage vinyl shop--buying from one customer and selling to another.  By keeping a limited amount of inventory, we save you the trouble of having to find a buyer when you want to sell, or a seller when you want to buy.  

Of course you are always free to buy/sell a share elsewhere (i.e. on eBay), and we're happy to assist you in doing so. However before doing so, please keep the following information in mind:

  1. Any benefits associated with a songshare (i.e. invites to shareholder meetings, free music downloads, one-time royalty checks, etc) go to the REGISTERED shareholder.  So if you purchase a share directly from another party, you must have them transfer the registration to you if you want to receive any outstanding shareholder rewards.  This can easily be done from within the PORTFOLIO tab.
  2. All shares sold on www.newyorkrockexchange.com come with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  We've confirmed their authenticity and condition, and will refund your money if you are unhappy for any reason.  If you transact directly with another shareholder, you do so at your own risk, so be sure to purchase only from reputable sources.
  3. New York Rock Exchange Songshares are issued in very low quantities, which makes them both illiquid and highly volatile.  If you want to sell a share, there's no guarantee that you can find a buyer willing to pay the prices listed at www.nyre.rocks.
  4. New York Rock Exchange Songshares are NOT securities, and do not provide a financial interest in the music.  They are intended for entertainment, and not as a financial investment.

Inventory Levels

In addition to current price, the MARKETPLACE also list each share's availability.  This indicates how much inventory NYRE has for any particular share, which generally indicates if we can buy or sell you a share.  There are three possible inventory levels:

  • SOLD OUT.  If a share is SOLD OUT we can't sell you one (because we don't have any)! If you want to buy one you can join the waitlist and we'll contact you if one becomes available.  If you want to sell a share that is SOLD OUT we'd be happy to buy it from you, or help you list it on eBay so you can auction it to the highest bidder. 
  • LOW.  This means that we have some in stock, but not many. If you'd like to buy one we can sell it to you.  If you'd like to sell one we will buy it from you. 
  • AVAILABLE.  This means that we have all the shares we need, or that the share has just been released and is still in it's IPO.  We are willing to sell one to you at the price listed, but we are not buying at this time.  If you want to sell yours you'll either need to find the buyer yourself (we'd be happy to help you list it on eBay), or sign up on the sellers list to get an alert if our inventory level changes.

Prices and Fees

The current price listed for each share is both the "buy" price and the "sell" price.  There is no markup or spread.  However we do charge sellers a nominal transaction fee.  It's also the sellers responsibility to pay for shipping their share to the New York Rock Exchange.


Buy Low.  Sell High.  Rock On.

While the secondary market is loosely modeled after a stock exchange, it's intended to be fun rather than financial.  A songshare collection is a lot like your old vinyl or baseball card collection--you might make a buck or two buying and selling, but that's not what it's all about. Perhaps someday songshare collections will be worth big $$, but for now it's intended to be a fun way to support your favorite music, connect with your favorite artists, and own a little piece of history.